Endemic Interstices - Phase 1

June 2011

Team (PLUG-IN): Dağhan Çam / Alexandre Kuroda / Karoly Markos / Ulak Ha
Tutors: Alisa Andrasek (Biothing) / Jose Sanchez
Technical Advisor: Riccardo Merello (Arup)

Endemic Interstices is a research project that explores the possibility of a prototypical architecture that is able to self-organize and adapt to its environment by harnessing natural resources. The project aims to benefit from the physics of natural processes not only as a design generator but also as a tool for fabricating complex formations by computation of matter which provides “complexity for free” (see my paper on Material Computation). More specifically our thesis involves a fabrication technique that utilizes the mud cracks by using them as formwork. Variety of pattern formations due to mud cracking is explored through physical experiments and digital simulations which provide different performative qualities such as structural stability and porosity. The research is continued with the exploration of generative design strategies to create spatial organisation through the agent-based systems (also see my paper on Agent-Based Systems) and the simulations of material behaviour.

For more information about the project: http://www.pluginarchitects.com/

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3 - digital physicsal

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